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Learn to play the world's coolest instrument with Croydon's affordable saxophone teacher!

Hi, I'm Jon!

I've been playing saxophone for rock, pop and alternative bands and projects for nearly 30 years.

In 2016, a friend of mine asked me to give her son some lessons and I realised I had a passion for teaching others...

Since then, I've been helping people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities find their way on the magical bendy squawking pipe!

I'm not formally trained as a musician or teacher, so if you're looking to get into the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, I'm probably not your guy...

However if you want to learn the basics, build confidence, develop skills, overcome blind-spots, understand music theory/notation, learn some tricks, have fun and find your way with a great instrument, then please give me a shout via the contact page and let's see what we can do!

"I'm a 70 year old novice. I found Jon to be a nice guy...

very patient and a good teacher" - Joe

"Jon put me at ease straight away, teaching me the basics in an encouraging way which made me overcome my self-conciousness... I now feel far more confident in calling myself an amateur musician, a label I would never dared to refer to myself as before I met Jon" - Mel

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